Colour = Happy (with added flavouring)

This week I had an extra day off and after a suitably late start I decided to spend my free day in Brixton’s indoor Market. The Architect and I have recently moved further South and a little bit West and will be settling there for a while. So the exploration of the surrounding area begins….

Without my usual Brixton tour guides Webb & Sicolo, there was a bit of aimless wandering but when I finally did enter the market an unfamiliar feeling of warmth came over me. Not heat warmth but a happy warmth. Happiness brought on by the riot of colour and pattern which assaulted me as I walked through the covered arcade.


Like all car booting, jumble sale searching, street market enthusiasts out there I find a row of second hand/miscellaneous household item shops overwhelming enticing and cannot wait get stuck in.

All this colour. Everywhere and on everything. Covering all sorts of random items, from Velcro rollers to tin chairs.

As I looked through my photographs of the things that caught my eye, I realised that there was something banal about the objects  I had decided to focus on. No pictures of neatly stacked veg, which has been lovingly sculpted into pyramids or of the trendy clientele who frequent the cocktail bars that line the market corridor but…. buckets, bowls and brooms…..


My photographs had distinct Lichtenstein lean (below), concentrating on every day, mundane, domestic consumption…………….


Uninteresting items appearing  joyfully amplified due to their unexpected explosion of colour.  I want marvellous mint hangers.

Talking of amplification, Brixton is the only place that I have found wee tins of MSG casually for sale beside the Oregano and Bicarbonate of Soda and it is also the one place where someone who is selling you batteries will also offer to sell you weed.


Brixton Market’s luminous landscape  is a sure bet for a cheerful afternoon exploration and whilst there if you do need to take part in something as mundane as grocery shopping,  you can be sure that it will be a little less mundane when you add some fearless colour and flavouring………….