About Cosima Sempill

Cosima started Kitty & Dude after graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2005 where she completed a design degree, specialising in Ceramic Design. Once back in Edinburgh she moved into her own studio, developing her own designs and experimenting with various visual formats for creating imagery on clay.

Coloured underglaze, digital decals and underglaze pencils, early Kitty & Dude


Designing and  applying her own digital decals in a playful, ad-hoc fashion in conjunction with the slick and certain finish of a slip cast piece helped to define the overall look of Kitty & Dude and build the brand.

Cosima Sempill_Ornament and Crime

Ornament and Crime by Cosima Sempill



Cosima Sempill 4

Kitty & Dude Tea Plate

With her design influence heavily situated in the 1950s, Cosima began to combine contrasting ideas and focus on designs that delighted both the aesthetic and intellectual senses.  The entertaining outlook of Kitty & Dude stems from a personal interpretation of childhood pursuits teamed with a potent nod towards Pop Art.


With a range of mugs, jugs, plates and decorative wall pieces Kitty & Dude expanded until  the complete collection contained 48 items including wedding favours and ceramic jewellery.  Exhibiting continually in both gallery exhibitions and  trade/craft fairs Cosimas’ work straddled both the commercial and private art world.

Cosima  recently relocated to London from Edinburgh and is now working as Press and Marketing Associate for Nicholas Haslam Ltd. However, despite not having a permanent studio address, Kitty & Dude is still trading, blogging and will be hopefully be appearing in some London markets soon.