Pizza Club

In its infancy but very popular is Pizza Club.

The clue is in the title…. it’s a club where we eat pizza, talk pizza, compare pizza and then make a plan to eat more pizza.

Founded earlier this year by myself and pizza partner in crime Karen Garside.


Founding member of Pizza Club

Both native Scots who had recently relocated to London we decided we would eat our way around the Capitals’ best pizza joints.

No fuss, no frills and nothing too fancy…. just damn good pizza.


Main activity at Pizza Club

As with all clubs and societies…. there are a few rules of Pizza Club.

  • Eat Pizza
  • Bring back a slice for The Architect (aka Chief Cold/Next Day Pizza Quality Tester)
  • No Pizza snobbery allowed, sometimes all you want is a Margarita
  • Free to join but all new members must obide by these rules

So far we have tested out 3 popular Pizza Restuarants:

Franco Manca, Brixton Market

This now infamous pizza parlour has expanded rapidly over the last two years. For a long time, nothing could quite beat a Number 6 Pizza here but when I have ventured there recently  I found my pizza rushed (appeared in front of me within 5 minutes of ordering) and the turn over of covers to be their main priority. Having said that, I will always be FM loyal as, their sourdough is pretty spectacular and it was here over red wine and margaritas that Karen and first bonded over our love of pizzas.



The ever-pleasing Franco Manca No.6 

Also how can you resist a place which knows JUST How much you LOVE pizza?

pizza FM

Franco Manca… throwing some shapes


Pizza East, Shoreditch

An East end delight… complete with real chequered napkins and free matches….

Occasionally this place can feel like the ‘superstore’ of Pizza’s but that might be purely done to its size. Based in the old Tea Building on the corner of Shoreditch High Street it can take up to 170 covers and has been at almost full capacity on every visit.


Simplicity rules

Again, their Pizza menu is relatively small…but adventurous. Words like Burrata and Sopressa (essentially damn tasty cheese and sausage) on the menu keep the East End Foodies happy and they don’t limit themselves to just Pizza.


Happy Bob

Another new recruit….. excited by a most excellent Margarita, a generous butter lettuce and avo salad and the 1st real napkin she had seen all weekend!

Pizza East is definitely worth a visit; great cocktails and great pizza. If you can stand the queue, you will not be disappointed. Just remember to do your top button up.