Flower gazing and Fynbos

For over 2 years now myself and Lady Bob have been planning to visit the famous floral Mecca that is Columbia Road. Somehow our Sundays were always enveloped by other ‘duties’ and the early bird factor also quashed some of our attempts. However, finally this weekend we managed to get up, get together and get on the assortment of trains, tubes and buses to the East End…..


Bob, the Gherkin and the Sun

And what a day it was…. even the Monsieur Soleil decided to join us.


Rows of Roses

And it was worth the wait……. beautiful blooms everywhere and the place was buzzing.

Heaving by 10.30am with a continuous stream of people who trailed through a coniferous corridor of  Roses, Lilies, Tulips, Heather and Hydrangeas….

All of us wide eyed at the variety of flowers on offer whilst the vendors entertained us with tales of woe and boastful bargains.


Coloured Leaves

Being big fan of bouquets which containing the odd sculptural cabbage,  you can imagine my delight at finding them in every colour and combination.


Joyful Cabbages

Also with Madiba in the forefront of my mind it was comforting to see the plethora of Protea on sale.





Even Pin head Proteas!



Spot the Strelitzias

Tata’s most favorite flower was actually the Strelitzia, also present in the market, nestling in their bird like form above..


Fynbos.. five pound a bunch

It seemed that South African flowers were very a la mode this week…. with  ”no water required’ bunches of Fynbos flying off the stalls. It was probably their upbeat palette and carefree-ness which appealed to the average flower gazer….but I like to think that maybe it was a silent nod towards Nelson….

And for those looking for something less challenging than an entire tree and the creative use of tinsel…. Columbia Road has just the ticket! Behold… the Christmas Cherry…….


Christmas Cherries!

 Buoyant, bright and  three for a Fiver……Now you can’t get much more merry than that!


Super berries


Sleep Well Tata xxxxxxxx