Car Boot, Cocktails and Forgotten Spaces

The Southbank is always a bustle with an exciting happenings here and there. It has an instinctive pull to all sorts of Bright Young Things; whether your drug is quality street food, art, architecture, film or theatre …..the Southbank is a remarkable people pleaser.

The Southbank Effect

‘YOU LOOK HAPPY”…… The Architect & I experiencing The Southbank Effect


So what better venue would there be for  Hemingway Designs’ Classic Car Boot Sale…… 


Pitch Perfect Parafanalia

Pitch Perfect Paraphernalia

Rows of vintage cars, caravans, motorcycles and trucks were on display for all to view and with more than just a white walled tyres to admire…. Clothing, jewellery, shoes, furniture, home-wares, art and all sorts of delightful paraphernalia were beautifully displayed and for sale!



And if your shopping antics brought on an appetite there was a another section devoted to plentiful array of Food Groups, Cocktails, Tea ( glass pots individually heated by tea-lights and timed for brew perfection!) and quality East London Coffee.


Happy Faces en route to the Double Decker Bar

There was also the bigger, better version of a Car Bar….. The- Double -Decker- Bus- Bar….. complete with DJ;  playing great music to shop by…think Marvin Gaye and Etta James and accompanied by some beautifully kitted out Car Boot attendees who were suited, booted, coiffed…. complete with their Victory Rolls and vintage get-ups.

All of which created great atmosphere and a sunshiney, happy, Saturday shopping experience.  This is a must-do, must- repeat event and has enticed me to get booking tickets for more Hemingway inspired fun next month! This time at Somerset House……

In fact last weekend I was also at Somerset House,  The Architect took me to see the RIBA Forgotten Spaces Exhibition in which they invite their members to put forward ideas on how to restore dissused and abandoned spaces all over the Capital.   Housed in the lightwells and coal holes of the old customs house, this showcase of re-invention felt right at home.


Darn good bit of recycling if you ask me!

See below some pics of my two favorite ideas…….


Escape from Street Level

An inspired escape route from the every-day drudge of the streets…. In The Canopy by  Studio McLeod.  Based on traditional cherry picking ladders this project allows you access to an otherwise abandoned space…. up in the canopy of the trees. It’s not just the nod to childhood tree climbing that I love about this but the usual and never-often-seen birds eye view. (beautiful blue ladders too)


Brilliant Bathhouse by  Charlotte Tamplin, Charlotte Marshall, Kate Stevens

Or a public pool in a disused tube station? What a fantastic notion! Having tried desperately and failed to get tickets to a tour of a abandoned tube station for The Architects’ Birthday (they sell out months before apparently) this is something that I would definitely frequent. Imagine all those tiles, the curved walls, the stairs down into the pool, diving off the platforms??


Yes Please!

Now each time I walk down into the bowels of Brixton tube… I imagine how much fun it would be to swim up North instead!