Supermarket Art – Autumn Brights


Autumn has well and truly arrived today with blustery winds and a distinct drop in temperature, so I thought we could all do with something to brighten our moods.

So what better way to entice a smile than with something colourful and eye-catching.

Something completely ordinary, everyday ……………………….yet exotic and enticing!

krispy kreme

Instantly recognisable and happy making packaging

I have always had a weakness for packaging, it’s similar to the obsession some girls have with Stationary or Ponies.

Rigid lines. Constrained patterns. Distinct writing.

Product mascots and loud, bright branded nouns.

Whilst back in Cape Town this February I revelled in the beautifully stacked items in Pick n Pay. Row upon row of luminous, patterned packaging……….

All neatly displayed and considered, like an exhibition; BEHOLD

 Supermarket Art.


If Pilchards or Sardines were my thing…… I would eat these ones

Pilchard art2

Shiny, happy, stripey, starred Sardines

 And what about the dried goods aisle?

A bizarrely wide selection of flour all beautifully branded with optimistic and patriotic names: Blue Bird, ACE, White Star and Impala.



Wall of Flour

There is  something almost postal and efficient about these names.

They have a reaffirming, quality and make you want to buy Flour.



Impala Flour, so close to the South African National emblem it feels like a souvenir.

Then we drift into the Squash aisle, which is always awash with colour no matter what country you are in.

Having grown up on Orange Oros, and Roses Passion Fruit cordial this in an area of the supermarket which I often frequented as a kid.

Diluting juice is brilliantly marketed to suck children in… all the colours of the rainbow lined  up ready for selection:

Guava, Mango, Lime or Grenadilla. Peach, Pineapple or Sarsaparilla?


Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

And even now in the depths of M & S on a blustery Friday night, with the promise of a chilly Winter afoot.

I am cheered by the sight of shiny, gem coloured bottles enticing my inner (packaging geek) child……

m& s art

Vintage Inspired Imbibes

Mind you, I bet these would make damn fine cocktails…………………….