New Look for Kitty & Dude Blog


 Please bare with me as  I update my website. I have decided to focus it much more towards the  blog aspect, rather than a portfolio based site.  So, I hope you all like The New Look!  How very Dior of me…….

There is still quite a bit of content to load and you can be certain that everyday there will be something new to see! But there are some widgets and image sizing I need to iron out, so thank you, in advance,  for your patience!

In the meantime, I hope you  are enjoying the new title…….


 Inspired by a  RIBA Drawing Day which The Architect took me to in March this year. Prior to pounding the streets with pencils in hand to capture 30 second sketches of a Nash spire, we were lead to the RIBA  library to garner inspiration.

That is where I came across a book which made my heart beat faster and my fingers tingle with delight……….

This Blog is an ode to you, Owen Jones.

To you and your remarkable book.