Rich Patterns…one week, many patterns

New Patterns:

Last Wednesday, much to my delight I was delivered a bright pink parcel.

Inside secured with a purple ribbon and wrapped in blue tissue paper was my Ashley; a beautiful hand printed cushion designed by friend and art school contemporary Fi. The luxurious mix of deep purple colours triggered an immediate attraction.

There is something opulent and jewel –like about the pattern of this cushion,  it has a gentle Papal association (spot the left footer) and it makes me happy in my heart each time I see it!

Having lusted after Fi’s work for several years now it is thrilling to finally have a bit of Bluebellgray for myself. It is pictured below on my bed  complete with K&D Sweeping Swallows, a treasured Richard Hamilton poster and Ravilious inspired V&A carrier.

Ashley and some Ikats.

Old Patterns:

The following Sunday, during a..” where does this tube line go..”   exploration of the city, The Architect and I arrived in Walthamstow.  Not just content with being the location of Europe’s longest street market, Walthamstow  is also the home of the William Morris Gallery.

This recently refurbished  haven of design and radical Victorian thinking was just the tonic needed that afternoon.  A beautiful space detailing the beginnings of Morris & Co: his collaborations, his poetry, his political affiliations and most importantly his avant-garde theory of design.

Below a  quip which was mutually enjoyed and photographed by both myself and The Architect ….separately I might add:

                “ I have never been in any rich man’s house  which would not have looked the better for having a bonfire made…. Of nine- tenths of all that it held….”

                                             William Morris

The  renovated building; has wonderful little accents of Morris and Co. displayed throughout the gallery space.  Bright and bold designs which have been utilised on the most mundane surfaces,  give a gentle and continual nod to the Craftsman himself. (And were source of  delight to a pattern junkie such as myself.)

 Ultimate Bathroom Door
Cafe Floor


In fact, I was so inspired my those bathroom doors and floors that supper that evening ended up looking like this:

Now, those are some rich patterns……