Big Places, small pleasures…

There are things that you see which, when spotted instinctively make you smile. Unexpected little vignettes of humanity which interrupt your thoughts and lift your day.

I had three such episodes last week:

Happening upon this grinning Post Box on route to work on the corner of Battersea Park Road.


Service with a smile


Spotting a giant Poppy shaped sticker on the front of the tube as it flashed past me on the platform.


Photograph by Julian Gajewski

And the unbelievable attention to detail which I witnessed at Secret Cinema.

My ID Card

For a visual junkie such as myself the Secret Cinema experience is the ultimate immersion therapy. It transports you straight into the land of make-believe, allowing you to become fully submerged in a suspended state of disbelief for several hours. It has a Disney Land for Adults feel minus the man sized mice, the roller-coasters, and with an added delightful flow of booze.

On this occasion the Secret Cinema team have outdone themselves and created a truly memorable evening for the audience. The film in question is much beloved tale of hope and it is one movie that you would not like to ruin. The pre- screening experience  was unreal and resulted in unquestioning audience participation on every level: from publicly disrobing to manual labour and group singing.

All of which was undertaken with a gleeful grin plastered across upon our faces and our Library Cards to hand.

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Shhhhhhhhh…. xxx