All Change….a letter from an old friend

Well, where to begin?

Firstly, with an apology…. An apology for my lack of communication.

I feel like a neglectful pen pal who has long ignored the niggling guilt of failing to reply to a  letter. A letter which brought joy when received; opened, read whilst climbing the stairs, re-read again over breakfast and then used as a bookmark (a gesture made in an effort to remind my lazy self to set pen to paper) for months.

A good letter is something so seldom received nowadays, that their effect can be great. My Grandmother was a correspondence queen, always cutting out newspaper articles and secreting them into an envelope which arrived almost fortnightly with a comforting regularity.

But what I received was not really a letter, it was more of a light tapping on the shoulder from a old friend. A friend which I spent 6 years creating, grooming and building into a small ceramic design business.

Yes… it was the cruel Mistress herself; Kitty and Dude reminding me of  everything we had worked towards and how far we had come. She wanted to know why I had failed to write?  To send word of how things were going?  To let her know where were we going next….. and mainly… What. Was. The.Plan?

So. Secondly…. The Plan….

Having now relocated to London and survived the first 9 months relatively unscathed, I am now officially a Scot living in the South… I get stupidly hot on tubes or any crowded space, I marvel at the concept of change given on buses and am hopelessly devoted to my Brita Water Filter.

In order to fund my stream of  Brita refills I have managed to secure a full time job and have entered the world of Interior Design. A commitment which has left me slightly devoid of time, hence the gentle tapping from my aforementioned friend.

So after a slight change in direction our friendship continues and Kitty and Dude has adapted to suit the situation.

 Thirdly…. What’s on offer?

The Kitty and Dude Home Range: aka The Conran Effect

Streamlined collection of mugs, jugs and tankards..  Simply selecting the best loved designs, focussing and developing them. Available on this month.

Bloggington Smythe

A weekly sugar bowl of tasty snippets from our travels around the Capital. A sneak peek into what has caught the eye of Kitty and Dude …. a compendium of delightful places, people and points of interest.

It will also be my way of sending that  joy inducing  letter to an old friend.